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Colin Wightman

  • Artist's medium:   Painters

I come from Toomelah Mission, a small Aboriginal community on the dry plains near the north western border of NSW. Toomelah is the aboriginal word for people who move from place to place and it reflects very much the lifestyle I have chosen to live.

I got into art at a young age, inspired by my younger brother; I picked up a paintbrush and never looked back. They said my dad painted to, but I never got to see him as he passed away when I was younger.

I have been painting for over 18 years. I just love to paint as it tells stories of the Goomeroi tribe I am from. The Goomeroi tribe can be found in the far north west of NSW near the Queensland border. I create indigenous art because I love it and because I am good at what I do and have a lot of passion for painting.

I paint what I see and what I was told by my Nan and other elders of the Goomeroi tribe. The colour in my art depends on the location where I am and what I am feeling at the time. The paintings I paint have a personal significance to me.

I have been into visual arts for a long time and not only as an artist; but as a teacher at TAFE and have created tattoo designs.

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