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Peggy Quinlan


I enjoy to paint turtles because it is part of my culture and heritage. In my culture turtles are used for food. We dive or jump into the Nulla Nulla Creek, after a flood is best, and grab the turtles as they swim past us. We then make a fire on the riverbank, and cut the turtles heads off and throw them onto the hot ashes. We eat the flesh of the arms and legs, then eat the unborn eggs. The meat tastes like chicken, yum. It supplements our diet.
Today turtle shells can be cleaned and painted, and used for ornaments.

I also enjoy to paint dolphins because they are amazing creatures. They are friendly, they are beautiful, they can be trained but most of all they are intelligent. When people go out looking for food on the ocean, wherever they see dolphins, diving and swimming around in a circle, this indicates to them where the fish are. This is how our people know where to catch fish.