Verqelle Fisher


Verqelle comDOB:  14 October 1972 – Ghungalu Tribe

In my culture we use to travel up to Blackdown Tablelands every year to camp and dance.  My Aunties all use to paint so I was introduced to painting very early on.  When I moved down to Biripi country and started my family my creativity was put on hold.  Now that my children are at school I have been able to reconnect with my art practice. I enrolled at Wauchope TAFE in Aboriginal Art & Cultural Practice in 2016 and I am passionate about sharing my history and culture through my artwork.

Robert Campbell Jnr. dec’d

Blue Light Man com

Exhibited in several major Australian cities.

Work is held in The Australian National Gallery, Canberra,

Art Gallery of Western Australia


Department Foreign Affairs

Dobell Foundation

and in private collections Australia & overseas


Jane Harbour

Jane Harbour 1 com

Jane is a Normanton woman.  During the last 35 years she has moved around Queensland with her husband who was a stockman’s cook and they eventually settled in a little town called Lawnton.

Jane was introduced to painting about 5 years ago by Lloyd Hornsby. Lloyd has encouraged Jane to express her identity and to be proud of who she is. Today she works a lot with school children and is in high demand by several schools in the Morton Bay region where she teaches beading and storytelling. While storytelling she speaks in her own language and interprets it back to the children in English. Jane is very popular with the school children and has started her own little business within community.