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Beverley Hoskins – Dudjira Barunbatai

Spirit Dancers

Beverley was given her artist name “Dudjira Barunbatai” which means “Teacher of the Dreamtime”.

The name “Dutjira” was given to her by her Uncle Leeton Smith who was an initiated man.

The second half of her name was given to her by her Great-Grand Aunty Rita Scott. Beverley always signs her artworks “Dudjira Barumbatai”, with “B. L. Hoskins” underneath.

Beverley was born in Kempsey in 1947, and is a descendant and now Elder of the Dunghutti tribe. Beverley was educated in Sydney where she trained as an Aboriginal Education Assistant and as an Aboriginal Resource researcher. She spent many years raising her own children and a further 16 teaching in local schools.